Best of Bollywood (3) : Chords

Learn the chords of your favourite songs under one roof!


Dear learners, do you remember? Learning music and performing for your friends was your childhood hobby and college time passion but it was left behind somewhere in this hectic life and social responsibilities. You never got a chance to fulfil those dreams. What if it's still possible to fulfill those dreams!

Welcome to the Guitar songs package where you can learn the chords of over ten melodious songs! Learn the songs on guitar, and be the life of any party! Also, surprise your loved ones with your performance!

The songs package includes some very popular hindi film songs along with chords, strumming pattern and lyrics. So what are we waiting for? Let's get ready to perform!

Best of luck !!


  • Song: Chahu main ya na
    4 m 43 s
  • 'Chahu main ya na' song notation
    180 KB
  • Song: Channa Mereya
    4 m 46 s
  • 'Channa Mereya' song notation
    90 KB
  • Song: Dil ko tumse pyaar hua
    4 m 37 s
  • 'Dil ko tumse pyaar hua' song notation
    170 KB
  • Song: Give me some sunshine
    4 m 14 s
  • 'Give me some sunshine' song notation
    160 KB
  • Song: Jeena Jeena
    3 m 58 s
  • 'Jeena Jeena' song notation
    160 KB
  • Song: Kabhi jo badal barse
    3 m 28 s
  • 'Kabhi jo badal barse' song notation
    170 KB
  • Song: Khamoshiyan
    4 m 28 s
  • 'Khamoshiyan' song notation
    100 KB
  • Song: Neele Neele Ambar Par
    3 m 39 s
  • 'Neele Neele Ambar Par' song notation
    160 KB
  • Song: O o jaane jana
    2 m 42 s
  • 'O o jaane jana' song notation
    150 KB
  • Song: Main rang sharbaton ka
    2 m 43 s
  • 'Main rang sharbaton ka' song notation
    160 KB
  • Song: Papa kehte hai
    2 m 48 s
  • 'Papa kehte hai' song notation
    170 KB
  • Song: Tum hi ho
    3 m 8 s
  • 'Tum hi ho' song notation
    170 KB
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