Systematic Keyboard Learning Program

Beat the stress with music!


In today's hectic world, we are overburdened with excessive workload and expectations. It always brings stress as a by-product.
So, stress management is essential. Music is undoubtedly the best stress buster.
Do you remember? Learning music and performing before your friends circle was your childhood hobby and college time passion but it was left behind somewhere in the process of earning money.

After 12 years of experience of music teaching, I came to know that the music class that you are looking for are not available in the nearby areas of your city or town. Besides, it is difficult to adjust your timings too.
Yes, there are lakhs of tutorial music videos available on Youtube but things are not organized well there. You must have observed, most of the tutorial videos are only for a few selected songs. And that too without basic knowledge and the notation which is actually essential for music learning.
So many scattered videos and tutors! So how do you choose?
We have come up with the most innovative, unique and friendly e-learning music app where you can learn vocal, keyboard, guitar and many things at your home, at your time - at your convenience.
Here in our keyboard program, we are going to learn alankaars, songs, raags, scales, chords, dual hand keyboard playing, arpeggios, very important concepts and western music. We are going to cover every aspect of keyboard learning.
We shall start from the basics. So, even if you are a complete beginner you will find this app very easy to follow.
We have classified our journey of learning music into various lessons. Each lesson may be a homework for you for 4 to 5 days. If you already know the content of particular lesson, you can skip the lesson. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced keyboard player, there are lots of things to learn in this app. If you don’t have a keyboard, you may buy it or download a virtual keyboard app.
So let's start our journey with the first lesson!

What you'll learn:
+ Lesson 1: Swars and Alankaars
+ Lesson 2: 3 Octaves
+ Lesson 3: Komal Swar (Flat Notes)
+ Lesson 4: Scale Construction
+ Lesson 5: Tivra Swar (Sharp Notes)
+ Lesson 6: Octaves and 8va Notations
+ Lesson 7: Laya (tempo) and beats
+ Lesson 8: Flow management
+ Lesson 9: Varjit swar (prohibited notes) and Bhupali Scale
+ Lesson 10: Unaccented passing notes, touching notes, modulation
+ Lesson 11: Introduction of chords and C# major scale
+ Lesson 12: C# major chord cycle and alankaar with chords
+ Lesson 13: Inversion of chords
+ Lesson 14: Arpeggios
+ Lesson 15: Minor Chord Cycle

Music has been infusing joy into our lives since time immemorial. From the beautiful sounds of nature to the songs we hear on our phones, music is all around us! Soor Malhar aims to provide quality music lessons that will enable music learners across the globe to create the joy for themselves and others alike. Come, let's feel the magic of melodies!

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