Keyboard Learning Program for Kids

A collection of 15 keyboard video lessons for kids.


Dear parents,
How are you? Nowadays students are facing great burden of education. In higher studies it increases to a great extent.
In this entire scenario, your child needs a stress buster. And what can be a better stress buster than music! Music will prove to be the best friend and companion of your dearest child. It will also increase the concentration level of your child.
After 12 years of experience of music teaching, I have understood the various problems faced while trying to find a good music class - they are not available nearby, and students are busy so they can't adjust their timing for the class, and more!

So now, be 21st century ready. This is the era of smartphones, T.Vs and cars. So it's time to learn in a smart way! Here we have come up with the most innovative, unique and friendly e-learning music app where you can learn Vocal, Keyboard, Guitar and more from the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you best.

In this collection:

+ Lesson 1: Swars and Alankaars
+ Lesson 2: 3 Octaves
+ Lesson 3: Komal Swar (Flat Notes)
+ Lesson 4: Scale Construction
+ Lesson 5: Tivra Swar (Sharp Notes)
+ Lesson 6: Octaves and 8va Notations
+ Lesson 7: Laya (tempo) and beats
+ Lesson 8: Flow management
+ Lesson 9: Varjit swar (prohibited notes) and Bhupali Scale
+ Lesson 10: Unaccented passing notes, touching notes, modulation
+ Lesson 11: Introduction of chords and C# major scale
+ Lesson 12: C# major chord cycle and alankaar with chords
+ Lesson 13: Inversion of chords
+ Lesson 14: Arpeggios
+ Lesson 15: Minor Chord Cycle

Music has been infusing joy into our lives since time immemorial. From the beautiful sounds of nature to the songs we hear on our phones, music is all around us! Soor Malhar aims to provide quality music lessons that will enable music learners across the globe to create the joy for themselves and others alike. Come, let's feel the magic of melodies!

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