Keyboard Learning Program for Women (Level 2)

Music learning journey is now on highways. Enjoy!!


Keyboard Learning Program for Women (Level 2) is a bunch of 6 lessons where you are going to learn many essential concepts like sharp note, octave utilisation, 8va notations, varjit swars and jatis. We are also going to learn tempo management through crochet, minim, semibreve and quaver beats. We are learning some techniques to beautify our keyboard playing through unaccented passing notes, touching notes and modulation.
Once you complete level 2, you will be able to play 5 very famous and popular songs including Tum dil ki dhadkan me rehte ho, Channa mereya, Kal ho na ho, Tere sang yara and Khamoshiya. Not only these 5 songs but you will be able to play more lead songs from our 'Songs package' which consists of more than 30 songs. You can select the songs of your choice and play them!

  • 6 courses pack
  • 48 minutes of content
  • 25+ students
  • 24x7 support