Keyboard Learning Program for Kids (Level 3)

Congrats dear learner! Now we move a step further and play keyboard with 2 hands!


Keyboard Learning Program for students (Level 3) is a bunch of 5 lessons where you are going to start keyboard learning with 2 hands - Chords with left hand and leads with right hand. Here you are going to learn major chords, minor chords, inversions and arpeggios as well as chord progression of major and minor scales and songs. You will learn 2 songs with chords. After this level, you'll be able to figure out and play the chords for a given notation. You can also play many songs with chords from song package. More than 30 songs are given in the songs package, which include both leads and chords. You can select any songs of your choice and play them!

  • 5 courses pack
  • 30 minutes of content
  • 20+ students
  • 24x7 support