Keyboard Learning Program for Kids (Level 1)

Let's step into the magical world of music!


Keyboard Learning Program for kids (Level 1) is made up of 4 lessons where you will learn keyboard basics, 7 swars and their positions, alankaars, and komal swars. It prepares your fingers for song playing through various exercises in 2 different scales. Here you will know how to read the notation and play the same on keyboard.
By end of this level you will be able to play 3 nice and easy songs. You can also play many more songs from songs package which contains more than 30 beautiful songs!

Music has been infusing joy into our lives since time immemorial. From the beautiful sounds of nature to the songs we hear on our phones, music is all around us! Soor Malhar aims to provide quality music lessons that will enable music learners across the globe to create the joy for themselves and others alike. Come, let's feel the magic of melodies!

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